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Keep your plants and shops clean with our Rags & Wipes!
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Keep your auto shops, chemical plants, heavy equipment, industrial plants, janitorial, and machine shops clean with our Reclaimed Rags and Tool Box TM Wipes:
Colored Fleece Rags- 50lb box Colored Knit/T-Shirt Rags- 50lb box Pure White Rags- 50lb box White Turkish/Terry Towel Towel Rags- 50lb box
50# Multicolored Fleece 25# & 50# Multicolored Polo/Knit 25# & 50# Pure White Cotton 25# & 50# White Terry

TOOLBOX® Scrubbing Wipes- 130ct

TOOLBOX® Z600 White Interfold Wipers

Wet Wipe Degreaser

Interfold Wipes


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Brining Season is here. Be prepared.

For use in pre- and post-harvest treatments of fruits and vegetables to maintain firmness, reduce decay and prevent certain diseases. Frozen food applications may use BRINERS CHOICE™ calcium chloride solutions as a secondary refrigerant or immersion freezing fluid. BRINERS CHOICE™ pellets may also be used as a deicer in and around freezers, lockers and storage areas.


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Ice Melters Oil Absorbents Sweeping Compound Lite Sorbents Water Softener Salt

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